The Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide assists a student to prepare for the DPS field test relating to the Pre-Trip Inspection Examination.  The study guide includes preparatory study information that is theory based for purposes of understanding the functioning and purpose of the various parts of a commercial truck vehicle that are required to be inspected before a trip. 

The eight (8) lessons will review the following information: 

Pre-Trip inspection examination information.

  • A Review of Truck Brake Systems and Functioning Parts
  • Testing the Air Brake System
  • The purpose of the air compressor and the governor
  • Practicing a Pre-Trip Inspection with a checklist and a video

To practice for the actual pre-trip inspection, a student will use a narration checklist that has been adapted to follow the narration of the narrator of a pre-trip inspection training video. The video narrator will guide the student through a complete pre-trip examination in 26 minutes.

Thus, for practice purposes, the student will be instructed to cut-off the sound of the same video (for a second viewing). During the second video viewing, the student will use the adapted narration checklist to verbally name the required pre-trip inspection vehicle parts and also provide commentary of what to look for (in terms of minimum equipment requirements and commentary related to missing, worn out or broken parts).