Pass CDL Test Workshop

Pass CDL Test Workshop


To motivate and quick start the learning process to pass the first Commercial Driver License (CDL) test to obtain a CDL Learner License.

A student will attend a 4 hour tutorial on the following workshop topic:

Special Requirements for Texas Commercial Motor Vehicles

The student will then use the information learned in the workshop to pass the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) exam on workshop topic. Upon passing the test at DPS, the student will receive a Learner License that can be used to practice driving a commercial vehicle with a licensed CDL driver.
Cost of the CDL Workshop is: $75.00

To continue the study for CDL license, the student can purchase a special computer disk (CD) for an additional $75.00.  This CD contains the study materials needed to pass the remainder of the CDL required written tests which appear below.

  • Air brakes
  • General knowledge and transport of cargo
  • Combinations

As a free bonus, the CD also includes all the study materials needed to pass the endorsements for the commercial driver license and listed below.

  • School bus
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Passenger bus
  • Tanks
  • Dobles/Triples

Pre-register for the CDL Workdshop Below. We will contact you to let you know the date and time of the next available workshop.


  • Pre-register using this form, we will then send you an email with the date and time of the next workshop, then call 713-227-4409 for date and time of next workshop
  • Call 713-227-4409 to pay by phone with a credit/debit card, or pay in person at 4009 Polk, Houston, Texas 77023